Benefits of Using a Caddie

Caddying is as much a part of the game of golf as the ball or club.  The word “caddies” appeared in the English language in 1634, and likely originated in Edinburgh, Scotland where gentlemen routinely hired lads to carry their golf bags while they played the links. Caddie is also thought to be derived from the military term “cadet”.  No matter where the label came from, at Gamble Sands, we believe that walking the golf course alongside a caddie is a traditional and rewarding way to experience our true links golf course.


  • Improves the quality of the golfer’s game by letting a caddie handle the details of clubs, flagstick, divots and bunkers. This allows the golfer to focus and improve his or her game.


  • Increases health benefits. While many golfers are physically fit, others may not be in shape to both walk the course and transport their golf bags for a full round. By employing a caddie, however, the less than fit golfer may be able to avoid the necessity of driving a cart and can at least derive the exercise benefits of walking for 18 holes.


  • Speeds up the pace of play. The fastest way to play is with a caddie where there is always someone to clean up after you on the tees, fairways, bunkers and greens.


  • Caddies know the course and yardage regardless of pin location. They can also provide advice regarding club selection and strategy, particularly for players who are new to the course.


  • Caddies keep an eye on your ball. They will track your shots and help prevent you from losing your ball.


  • Caddies keep your golf ball and clubs clean after each shot.


Gamble Sands has an experienced team of caddies that will not only help with a little local knowledge, many of them have played and caddied at the highest level. For more information on the Caddy Program contact the golf shop at (509)463-8323.
Need to reserve a tee time at Gamble Sands? Click HERE.


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