You Are Not Good Enough, Not To Get Custom Fit Clubs!

Build a Better Golf Game at Gamble Sands.

Have you been wrestling with the question of, “ Am I good enough to get custom fit clubs?” It is a valid question for the majority of golfers.  It is very common for golfers to have equipment that is inadequate for them. Clubs come in a wide variety of characteristics, and so do those who swing them. If you are serious about your game, and you play and practice at least once a week, you are not good enough, not to get custom fit clubs.

We are all different in many ways.  When looking at human physical attributes, we vary in height, weight, arm length, strength, flexibility, hand size, foot size and so on.  These variables make it impossible for a golf club manufacturer to produce enough clubs with an extremely large variety of specifications to fit everyone. If you don’t currently have custom fit clubs, you are doing yourself a disservice, because professionals can adjust to poorly fit equipment while amateurs cannot.  Don’t overlook this crucial aspect of taking your game to new heights. When you have poorly fit clubs it impacts the yardage you hit your clubs in regard to carry and roll.

Everyone who plays golf should be properly fit for clubs. Whether you are just getting into golf or have been playing for years, buying clubs off the rack and heading for the first tee is a mistake, pure and simple.  Don’t be that golfer (beginner or experienced) that purchases a new driver for hundreds of dollars without being custom fitted and then complain about how you hit the ball. Not only are you out of a lot of money, but the enjoyment for golf plummets because they are squirting shots in every direction.

Build a better golf game at Gamble Sands.  On July 19th-July 21st, The Club Fix will be at Gamble Sands offering complimentary club fittings, featuring manufactures such as: Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, PXG, PING, Taylor Made, Titleist, and Srixon.  The Club Fix has been a Golf Digest top 100 club fitting company since 2010. Their main purpose is to educate golfers about equipment and to help them find what works best for their game.  They can help golfers of all skill levels achieve their maximum performance by fitting them to the clubs that match their swing. They use the best technology with Trackman to measure every aspect of the swing and flight of the golf ball.  

To schedule your appointment, contact Brandon at 480.225.5041.  Don’t wait, limited spots are available.
Interested in booking a tee time at Gamble Sands, click HERE.

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