Putting Is Considered The Most Important Aspect Of Golf

Having Confidence With Your Putter Takes The Pressure Off The Rest Of Your Game

Right off the tee, you may be out of position. For many golfers this can cause them to try something desperate to get to the green and can become a nightmare to your round.  Putting should be considered a separate game within the game of golf. The score of par assumes that one will require two putts per hole. That is 36 putts in a par round of 72, which makes putting half of the game of golf!

What if you can reduce the number of putts required down to 30 (as good putters can easily do), then it allows you to come close to par while having 6 shot elsewhere on the course. When you have a good short game, you can miss every fairway and every green and still shoot close to par.  Having a good short game is within everyone’s reach, you don’t have to be a professional to accomplish this. Your best chance of lowering your score lies with the short game, beginning with putting.

Good putting requires a putter that fits your body (you need to be able to address the ball with your eyes over the line of the putt), which helps you keep the blade square to the line of the putt and the grip needs to be properly mounted, to compensate for off center hits.  The good news about focusing on your putting is that skill development and the reward of lower scores can happen much quicker than with the full swing and the long game.

Start off by keeping track of how many putts you have on every hole and total them at the end of the round.  Keep a running history of your putts per round. Also start doing everything you can do to improve your putting.

Gamble Sands will be hosting Putting Specialist, James Jankowski, September 21st through the 23rd to improve your putting game.  He uses the number one software in putting analysis. Find out the strengths and inconsistencies in your technique, plus receive recommendations on putter specifications used by top professionals such as, Rory McIlory and Henrik Stenson the quintic ball roll software utilizes a high-speed camera tracking the golf ball and putter during impact.

James is a putting coach to over 80 professional golfers including PGA, European and LPGA Tour members and has helped over 500 golfers improve their putting so far in 2018. The Quintic Ball Roll will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your putting.  Data will include consistency of face angle, speed, strike, launch angle, acceleration profile and much more…  James, will also be able to make recommendations on putter styles and specifications to suit your stroke. Don’t wait to improve your game, become confident with your putter, limited spots are available.  To schedule your appointment click HERE.

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